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Pledge Per Win Campaign

Help Support Rox Project S.A.V.E. Foundation!


Fans - Here’s a chance to cheer on the Rox to Victory during every home & away game for the 2023 regular season while helping support the Rox Project S.A.V.E. Foundation all throughout!

How It Works
• You pledge your own customized dollar amount that fits your budget. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible!
• All donations can be made by credit card or by check. For those using a credit card, the Rox Project S.A.V.E. Foundation will run charges based on the following schedule:
   - July 1st -- Total Wins in month of June x your Donation Pledge
   - August 1st -- Total Wins in month of July x your Donation Pledge
   - September 1st -- Total Wins in month of August x your Donation Pledge
• For those paying by check, the Rox Foundation will invoice your account in f
ull on Friday, August 14th for the total amount of Wins from the 2023 regular season x your donation pledge.

Rox Wins Record

2022 - 50 Wins

2021 - 50 Wins

2020 - 27 Wins (Pandemic Year)

2019 - 44 Wins

2018 - 37 Wins

2017 - 47 Wins

2016 - 48 Wins

2015 - 49 Wins

2014 - 37 Wins

2013 - 36 Wins

2012 - 29 Wins

About Rox Project S.A.V.E.
Launched in March 2019, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Project S.A.V.E. has raised over $200,000 during the span with a mission to support youth-related programs and activities in the areas of Sports, Arts, Volunteerism, and Education initiatives throughout Central Minnesota. The Foundation’s goal is to help provide a sense of hope and enjoyment for a child of any age that leaves them feeling bigger and stronger than before!

Once you have filled out your pledge, please email the form over to

CLICK HERE to Register your Pledge

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